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Radio commercials can still be one of the best returns on investment (ROI) for your advertising needs.

Did you know that most inexpensive website providers do not actually provide copywriting? I was shocked when I tried to start my first website with a company before going into web marketing. They kept expecting me to answer questions that I did not have the answers. I knew nothing about calls to action, creating urgency, features advantages, benefits. That was many classes, and years of marketing experience ago.

So, what is someone who wants to best market their product or services to do? Well, if you have a previous website, or are conversant in marketing speak, obviously, you do not probably need copywriting services. If you are a decent writer, you may not need those services.

Don’t know where to start and don’t have a previous website? A good copywriter might be able to help. Did you know, many website services use a template over and over and over again? For instance, you run an electrical business. You go to a company to make your website that does that for a living, inexpensively. So, they create a page for you. What you don’t realize at the time, is that they copy pasted most of the text from another electrical business into you pages for services and such. Shouldn’t be a problem, that other company is across the country, right? WRONG! Here is the biggest problem with that. No matter where your business is, you are competing for google rankings. Yes, you can hope, being local that those rankings will go to you. Unfortunately, however, this is where things take a turn for the worse.

Content is the single most important thing to the google bots. If your main website, not blogs, contains what these automated bots consider “plagiarized” content, they will not rank you well. Worse, they may even blacklist you. You may never see rankings at all.

What else may you need copywriting for? Contact us for rates on website content, offline brochures, white pages or any other needs. We have specialists than can handle everything from direct mail to off the charts website content. While a daily blog posting articles from the web will help boost your rankings by being frequently updated, we can offer incredible blogs, and more, depending on your budget.

I’ll admit, copywriters are not cheap. But, you won’t find cheap, or better, anywhere. Give us a call for a quote!


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