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Are you looking for a GREAT total marketing system? We have exactly what you need. Our specialists have greater than 30 years combined experience in marketing. Do you need a simple website? An online shopping cart? Do you need the best SEO/AdWords marketing on the internet? What about a script and total production of TV or radio marketing? We can help! We offer the best in prices due to our international presence, and you won’t believe the value you get in radio and TV advertising. Need graphic design for an updated logo, a new logo, or designs for your trucks or billboards? We can HELP! We offer loyalty programs for your business, and every conceivable marketing program you may need, including graphic design and local marketing to help promote your business to your target market. An online presence is essential for maximizing your exposure to your target audience. We help with all forms of advertising.  Tell us what you need, or even if you are not sure what you need, We can HELP! Whether you need local marketing, or a nationwide presence, you won’t be disappointed. ALL of your marketing needs can be met here. We do it at the best prices, because we deal in volume. But, like a small company, we give you the very best in customer service!

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Many online marketing companies will make a lot of false promises to get you in the door. If you see that they promise you will be on the front page of Google in days or weeks with organic results, run for the hills! This is not possible with search engine optimization, only with pay per click (PPC) advertising. This is especially true when they tell you they can get you on the front page of Google with highly competitive keywords. And, while you can get there with your pay-per-click advertising in a brief time, bear in mind, those keywords are expensive. They are auctioned off, and Google charges all the traffic will bear for those highly competitive keywords. However, there are some great solutions to these problems without breaking the bank.

The biggest danger when it comes to using one of these companies that make these false promises is that they often use what are known as “black hat techniques” to get you brief improvements in your rankings. So, if it improves your rankings, why not? Google has very strict rules when it comes to the algorithms that control where your rankings lie. The reason for this? They want accurate results to keep the most relevant rankings at the top of the list. This is part of how Google keeps its status as the most used search engine in the world. Since this affects their bottom line, they work hard to keep it this way.

What are “black hat techniques?” These techniques will temporarily raise your rankings, and it will appear in the short term that everything is going well. Unfortunately, within about 6 months, when your rankings should really start improving, your ranks will not only start dropping off, but, you may even wind up blacklisted by Google, or other search engines. This is extremely damaging to your long-term results, as well as your company’s credibility, as it makes it that much harder to improve your rankings in the future with correct techniques. Or worse yet, if you have been blacklisted, even impossible. Do not fall for using a company that uses these techniques. Do not jeopardize your long-term business health for short term results. You want your company to be in business a long time; shouldn’t your marketing efforts reflect this?

At Rodexo, we NEVER employ black hat techniques. We give you quality marketing at reasonable prices. We want to partner with you long-term, not just a couple of months. We want to help you grow your business for tomorrow, the next day, the next month, and the next year. We want to give you the best possible value for your online marketing budget

So, if you want real results, and real value, make the switch to Rodexo.

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TV services

Website Design and Creation

Your website is often the first impression people have of you. What type of first impression would you like to make? It is completely up to you. All business? More personalized? We can help with ideas that make your business really stand out among the competition.

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SEO Service

SEO Service

Improve your organic search engine results with professional SEO and SEM. While SEO takes time, in the long run it improves your chances to be on the first or second page of all major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

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PPC Services

PPC advertising is one of the most important tools in your toolbox. This form of advertising drives results and increases brand awareness to your target audience. While SEO can take a long time to drive you to front page results, PPC can reach your target audience in a matter of days, not months or even years.

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Social Media Management

Social Media Services

A social media presence is vital in today’s market. Many customers look to social media such as Facebook, to learn more about a company they do business with. There, they can get the flavor of the company, as well as reviews. They gather information about not only your company, but your staff, your family, anything they can…

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GREAT total marketing system?

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